Thursday, August 23, 2007

I started a new project to make fun in my free time and to learn python more deeply. So I start to develop TCP Monitor using Python for Linux platform. I was able to write simple fort forwarding program which will forward requests coming for a localhost port to remote port and I was able to make it multi threaded with the help of following code samples from ASPN.

After that I tried to create GUIs using PyGTK and Glade. After some time I felt some uneasiness using glade and PyGTK. It gave some errors while using notebook control in PyGTK. So I moved to use PyGTK without Glade with the help of PyGTK tutorial available in PyGTK project site.
I think PyGTK is cool solutions for those who have problems while making GUIs with GTK+ in C. Because writing GUIs using C is a pain. But PyGTK will make your life easier.

Some Tutorials for PyGTK with Glade